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Chips make everything better by *Son-Neko

This is so cute!


#so did he steal those chips or what #’cause there’s no way he was toting around a bunch of Norwegian currency in that suit #well #probably not anyway #but I like to think he ran up to some poor guy #who’d just bought the two orders #and told him that there was a life-or-death #fate-of-the planet emergency #that depended on him getting those chips #and when the guy asked #wide-eyed #what it was #the Doctor said #Rose is crying! #and then grabbed the packets of chips and ran off

Yes. This please!


The Doctor and Rose, for mariechambers
Inspired by her fic, Wishing on Stars (adult)


All pink and yellow

Day After Day AU, pt. 8
 Defenders of the Earth



I mean, I know the pear thing is a little played out, but look at this underwear I bought today, and then think, like, they’re in Pete’s World, this whole life stretching out ahead of them, and they’re feeling things out, figuring things out, and it’s some random night early on, no planned seduction, nothing like that, but there’s probably a pizza and some beer, and they’re fooling around on the sofa, and he’s finally, finally taking off Rose Tyler’s jeans, it only took infinite time and space and a whole different universe, and then there, in the light from the TV:

Rose’s knickers, covered in pears. 




Um…did I mention that I ship the hell out of Doctor/Rose?

(Is it Ten or Tentoo? You decide.)


Nine: Come on—it’ll be an adventure!
Rose: One of these days, Doctor, you’re going to be the death of me.


Inktober Challenge - [3/31]

I’ve been re-watching the first season of Doctor Who, and I didn’t realize how much I missed these two! 

Do you think you could doodle some Nine and Rose smut? Hehe

– Anonymous



Rose’s Doctor

I’m sucker at finding titles,really-__-


Prompted by fadewithfury.

Last of the doodle prompts from the WoM/TLV round coming a little late, since I couldn’t think of anything for her first prompt and had to ask for a different one :0


-In An Endless Dream I Loved You-  The Tenth Doctor bidding farewell to his beautiful Rose, in one of the last moments he would ever see or touch her.

-Touching A Memory-  The Eleventh Doctor and Rose Tyler, in shared wonder and disbelief at their impossible reunion. Rose slowly realizes that this strange man is still her Doctor, though his face has changed yet again and he is so much older and sadder, lonelier. It has been centuries for him, and he was so certain that he would never see her again. There is both pain and fondness in his eyes as touches her, as though touching a cherished memory.

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David Tennant & Billie Piper behind the scenes filming New Earth