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The most important woman in the universe.







University Study on Sexism in Doctor Who

"Fun fact, Rose’s Bechdal test score would have been in the 80′s were it not for the episodes Moffat wrote during her run."

Guys, really, you should click the link. 

Ironically, the woman who is often propped up as proof that Steven Moffat is, in fact, not a sexist was one of the worst in terms of the Bechdel test and overall independence of thought and character. While maintaining an average speaking time, the episodes she is in only pass the Bechdel Test 57% of the time, and she herself only passes 42% of the time. She also never passes it on her own after Series 5. It is also important to note that River’s “passes” barely scraped by this test. Her passing conversations were always around three or four lines of exchange total, limited to one per episode, and were always in the presence of/with the Doctor.”


I’m just going to copy/paste a whole chunk of this right now:

"I think when it comes to giving women love interests in fiction, you have to let them maintain their own independence of thought. This keeps them from simply becoming a sex object or plot device. Rose (and Martha and Donna) had that in spades. While both Rose and River had their share of arguments with The Doctor, how they handled them was drastically different. Rose argued when she had moral issue with his choices, stood her ground, defended others, and overall became the moral compass of their relationship. River rarely if ever, disagreed on issues or principles. If asked to do something she disagreed with she would just yell, “I hate you,” and then do it. Her mentality toward The Doctor can be summed up with a conversation she has with Amy in series 6. The Doctor has left them with instructions Amy does not want to do, but River tells her, “We’re going to as The Doctor’s friends always do. As they’re told.” I think I just heard Rose, Martha, Donna, Romana, and Sarah Jane slap you. When it comes to River Song, it seems that audiences were fooled into thinking she was a strong female character because of her propensity toward violence, and some admittedly excellent monologues."

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Screencap Meme | The Doctor + Bruised and Battered requested by clarainsilver

Gallifrey Icons:





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Ninth Doctor hand appreciation.
      ↳The End of the World.

…and I always will be.

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Imagining Charley Pollard’s ‘adventuress’ look…

(I have only listened to her first two audios and I don’t know much about her but I imagine someone who styles herself an ‘adventuress’ must try to look the part^^)



Caligula’s dance. I, Claudius

When I’m happy with the way something looks on me in the fitting room.


Just a quick announcement to say that I’ve moved from S6 to INPRNT — prints of my work (and some iphone/ipad cases) are now available from here

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I was just thinking how much I would love if the 50th had Six in place of Eleven and Eight in place of War. Now, since I’ve already done Eight (and by the way, the Moment would clearly be represented by Charley), I just really needed to draw Six and Ten together. Especially because I have a massive crush on their blue suits (as seen for the audios, in Six’s case), and, yanno, they just match so well! And along with Eight, they’re my favourites. One day I’ll draw them alongside Eight in his blue coat too…

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