Six gifs per episode: 1.9 The Empty Child


this looks like mickey walked in on a drunk night partying hard in the tardis

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With the reverence of someone approaching a shrine, he steps close enough to affix the note to the door. He doesn’t go inside — he doesn’t want to see it, her trainers under the bed, makeup table cluttered with tubes and bottles, the scent of her everywhere — but he rubs his finger across the place where the note sticks, making sure it’s secure. 

He walks away and doesn’t look back. (x)

I just had to sketch this scene right after reading this bittersweet ficlet from gallifreyburning


In sync

Title: Eleven's Message

Artist: Big Finish/AudioGO

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For the anon who asked for the audio clip of this transcript from Death’s Deal.


Doctor and Rose, Idiot’s Lantern

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url graphics & doodles {x} → greatspacedustbin

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Welcome to Heaven!

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I don´t want to go!


Ten, #17 (suggested by leannaconley)


Doctor Who Fest: Day #4

↳ Favorite pairing: Bad Wholf

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