shining world of the seven systems

#ooh parallels #bless this show and its continuity #thank you RTD for making this work in that crazy genius brain of yours #how you tied runaway bride together with donna’s entire arc is FUCKING BREATHTAKING #it’s also fucking HEARTBREAKING but that’s okay i forgive you kind of not really#because you gave us this epic character and this phenomenal friendship and ugh my heart hurts thinking of this #this really is one of my most favourite things about the doctor and donna #how he just assumed she wasn’t special or important and said so RIGHT TO HER FACE #only to realise by the end of the episode that she was BOTH special and important #and then got a whole other series’ worth of proof that donna was special and important both in and of herself and to him #he didn’t know when he first met her how much she would mean to him #she saved him from spiralling after he lost rose #she saved him from being alone after he drove martha away #she was his best friend in all of time and space. his best mate. #they ran together laughed together saved universes and each other together #even if she hadn’t saved the entire universe by defeating davros #she was special and important to him and he knew it #and he let her realise she was special and important too #something she never thought she was. something she just hid away beneath her bluster and her shouting. #FUCK I HATE AND LOVE THIS RELATIONSHIP SO MUCH IT MAKES MY HEART HURT AND MY BRAIN CRY TEARS OF BLOOD (via virginiachance)

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    See….the important thing to remember is The Doctor Lies. That’s rule #1. So when he’s first meeting Donna, he says...
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