shining world of the seven systems

Why is there an entire parliament of Daleks, and why didn’t the Doctor at least comment on their unexpected existence or the fact that they pose a threat to the galaxy?

Why do the Daleks have a democratic political system? Don’t they always need orders (except the Cult of Skaro, which was a special elite team created to have independent thought and be innovative)? How does that work, in terms of voting?

Why are the Daleks suddenly willing to allow “impure” examples of their species to exist (the insane Daleks on the prison planet, and the human-Dalek hybrids created by the nanogene shield layer of the prison planet), whereas the last time we saw them, the Daleks who considered themselves impure willingly killed themselves in order to maintain the purity of their species?

Why did the Daleks arbitrarily give the Doctor a new nickname? Why did no one giggle when kept saying “the Predator,” which is a far less intimidating name than “the Oncoming Storm”?

Why did the Doctor blithely agree to help kill an entire planet full of living creatures (even if they were Daleks)? Since when has the Doctor so willingly embraced planetary genocide? (I’m … really hoping this pays off in some sort of Time Lord Victorious showdown, and the Doctor gets called out on his behavior by someone at some point, and has to deal with some consequences for that sort of behavior. Because yeesh.)

Why did the Doctor let Amy partially convert into a Dalek only for the sake of saving her marriage? What kind of shoddy marriage counseling is that? Does he even have a family counseling license of any kind? 

If a parliament of Daleks all scream in unison DOC-TOR WHOOOOOOO, but there’s no one around to hear them, do they make any sound?

Does the ballerina Dalek prefer to perform in the Vaganova or Cecchetti style of classical ballet?

Don’t get me wrong — I enjoyed quite a bit about this last episode, and I’m looking forward to this season (jksld;afjsdaf DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP HELL YEAH jaklsdjfadsf). But Asylum of the Daleks ignored NuWho cannon in some fairly significant ways. I have a feeling we might get a few of those inconsistencies addressed as the series goes on, but most of them will be glossed right over. 

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    Basically this. I like bizarre stories, but internal consistency is not really “optional.”
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    I wasn’t as bothered by the whole “let’s erase him from their memory” thing as I probably should have been. Sure they...
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    Good points…
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    yeah, I asked about the Parliament thing as soon as I heard it on the trailer. Has ANY canon (as far as time travel is...
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