rosewho said:
"Hiii! I love your blog and your fic (I think I already said it once)... So... when you go back to writing GR? *-*"

Thank you! :D 

So, Jamie and I just wrote quite a few GR stories in the last seven days — not including tag fic, we’ve made five separate posts with a grand total of 21,650 words. (I was curious, so I counted.)

We do plan to write more in this ‘verse, but we’re going to take a few days off before we plunge in again. Although the odds are good we’ll toss tag fic back and forth sometime between now and the next story.

  1. allrightfine said: Oh man, that is a CRAZY AMOUNT OF WORDS. WHERE ARE WE FINDING THE TIME TO DO ALL OF THIS? I’m not entirely convinced that you don’t have a Time Turner.
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