shining world of the seven systems

As usual, escape is impossible. A throng surrounds the building outside, and everyone inside is keeping an eye on them. The confinement is getting to the Doctor. Even across the room, Rose sees it in the set of his shoulders and the increasingly annoyed crinkles beside his eyes. Plus, he’s been using his “my enormous Time Lord brain is tired of your idiotic nonsense” voice for the last half hour.

This is not going to end well. Not at all.

Rose makes a beeline to the Doctor, slipping her arm around his elbow. She bats her eyes at the fat man in the tuxedo, plastering on a grin. “Excuse me, but I need to borrow him.”

The fat man smiles back. “The cake, I expect? About time, too.” The Doctor rolls his eyes toward Rose, tapping his foot.

“Yes, right, cake!” Rose hauls the Doctor away.

He puts his arm around her waist, leaning down to murmur in her ear. “As delicious as those edible ball bearing decorations look, I don’t believe it’s cake time yet.” He taps his temple. “Impeccable Time Lord sense of chronology.”

“Are you implying my rescue wasn’t brilliant? Say it’s brilliant, or I’ll leave you at the mercy of another Vitex board member,” she retorts, pushing at him playfully.

“Of course you’re brilliant.” He hums contemplatively. “Jackie looks happy, doesn’t she?”

On the other side of the room, Jackie is resplendent in her purple mother-of-the-bride gown, Pete’s arm around her shoulder and a flock of well-wishers fawning over her. “Yes she does,” Rose says.

“And you? Are you happy, Rose Tyler?” He has the strangest, most serious expression on his face. Before Bad Wolf Bay, he seemed afraid to love her too much. Since he’s become part human, he seems afraid he can’t love her enough. Like he’s still got two hearts’ full of emotion, and only one to hold it in, and the overflow consumes him. It’s an intensity akin to the Oncoming Storm, but infinitely more tender. Her stomach flutters.

“Happy to bursting,” she whispers, as though it’s some secret between them, when surely everyone can see it plain as day.

"Brilliant!" The Doctor beams, threading his fingers with hers. “Run!”

He’s off like a rocket, tugging her along, and Rose is glad she refused Jackie’s attempts to get her into high heels for the wedding. She hikes her billowing white skirt to her knees, her trainers slapping the wooden floor as she dashes full-tilt with him to the ballroom exit.

There’s a hubbub behind them – their escape wasn’t exactly subtle – but they make it into the corridor unhindered and careen around a corner.

“The paparazzi have this place surrounded! We won’t make it to the limo without Pete’s bodyguards!” she calls to him.

“Don’t need the limo,” the Doctor retorts, sliding to a halt in front of a broom cupboard.

Rose glances down the hall, toward the growing din of the wedding guests on their trail. “If we’re just popping in there for a shag, it’d better be the quickest shag of your life, because we won’t be alone for long,” Rose says, arching her eyebrow at him.

“A quick shag. I like the sound of that,” he replies, clicking his teeth together gleefully. “I like the sound of a long, slow shag even better. We should get me out of this tux, anyway. Events tend toward the catastrophic when I’m wearing a tux.” Rose opens her mouth, but he lifts his index finger, cutting her off before she can speak. “The shag will most certainly be happening, as will the taking off of the tux. But right now, we’re here for your wedding gift.”

He flings open the cupboard door. Just inside, occupying the bulk of the space, is a blue police box.

Stunned, Rose reaches out to grab the Doctor’s arm, steadying herself. As he unlocks the TARDIS door, she stutters, “But – but – how did – she hasn’t grown big enough yet! She was a fire hydrant on our kitchen table this morning!”

“She was further along than I let on, thanks to some of my jiggery-pokery. I wanted her to be ready for our honeymoon.” In a quick movement, the Doctor lifts Rose off her feet, nudges the door open the rest of the way with his Chucks, and carries her across the threshold. “Do you mind if we skip the cake?”

The story continues …

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Wondering why TenToo has a TARDIS? It’s canon. I promise.

This Doctor/Rose wedding pic is not mine, it belongs to seduff. If you haven’t seen her manips or fanvids, you should click those links now. And thanks to episode613wasalie for an awesome beta edit!

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