fic: (Im)perfection During Intimacy. (TenToo/Rose)


"You gonna get there?"

(Five times sex wasn’t perfect in Pete’s World, and one time it was.)

Adult, 2,665 words this section, the rating will stay consistent throughout.

AO3 | Teaspoon

It was supposed to be a consulting position.

The Doctor and Rose Tyler defending the Earth on a come-as-you-please schedule (or, more accurately: a “come help, please" schedule), no time cards, no contracts, no paperwork, no thank you.

Instead it turns into them in the office more often than not, six floors between R&D and the field agents, six floors between the Doctor and Rose, plenty of paperwork and framed pictures on their desks.

It’s not bad, all told, the Doctor wears a tie to work, even if he doesn’t at home, not anymore, and Rose plays her part nicely, field dress sometimes and, other times, button-down blouses that strain across her breasts, the Doctor wiggling his fingers in the gaps on long lift rides.

It was clear from the beginning though, that the rules that apply to other employees wouldn’t — couldn’t — apply to them. Torchwood would take them in an inter-office relationship or they wouldn’t take them at all.

Still, those finger-wiggling lift rides aside, they try to maintain some sense of propriety, most of the time.

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This is definitely in my list of the most adorable things in the world.

Billie gets a little confused and collides with a cyberman, David sees that she got hurt and tries to help!

#ASJDNISKGZHDBGIFOZSDF #with the hands on her hands and the coming up behind her to cradle things that might be hurt FUCK YOUR FCJK HFK (via somethingofthewolf)

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Could… somebody explain what happened here?

  • Billie gets startled by the gunfire
  • David’s first instinct is to run to her
  • Sudden u-turn
  • Awkward shuffling
  • Billie looks at him
  • He keeps looking at the ground… 


-makes a sound not unlike a dying pterodactyl-


For all you awesome Billie/David fans <3 I can’t find it on youtube anymore so here you go. 


Bruges, Belgium (by Jose M Vazquez)


I haven’t painted in acrylic for a while, and I haven’t painted the Tenth Doctor for some time either - so here comes the Tenth Doctor, acrylic on canvas 


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Billie Piper is simply adorable, in her cheeky way. It quite a laugh! 

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I bet you don’t have much of a problem with not drinking enough (water) throughout the day then? :D And I hope there might be chance to actually see your hair one day? ;)

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